Our School

Phoenix Montessori has been nurturing and providing care for children in the Renton area since 1995. Our head educators are AMS certified Montessori Instructors, each with over 20 years of experience, and our Director is a State Certified K-12 teacher. Our owners/directors are full time teachers in the classroom.

We are a licensed Preschool and offer a Certified Kindergarten Program. We provide full and half day programs for children ages 2 ½ through 6 years old.

The Montessori environment is highly organized, structured and consistent. Within this framework a child is confident knowing what to expect, and what is expected of them, allowing them the freedom to move, learn and pursue what they are interested in at their own pace.

Year Round Learning

We offer an enriched Montessori learning environment from September – June, following the same schedule as the Renton School District. We also offer an optional Summer Program, which includes the practice and production of a performance in late August.

The Environment

The Montessori classroom is a carefully prepared environment that allows children to move, touch, manipulate and explore materials within each curriculum area. Montessori children experience daily lessons during “circle” time as a group and through one-on-one presentations from instructors as well as their independent use of Montessori materials. Children absorb everything they are exposed to. Children learn to work independently, based on their own desire for knowledge, which builds self discipline and concentration. We provide a mixed age classroom where younger children learn and model after the older children in behavior and academics, and older children gain confidence mentoring younger children. Their own knowledge is reinforced when they are sharing what they know with the younger child. The goal of our programs is to provide a positive learning experience for each child and to meet the needs of our students.

Our School

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